Club Assist Supplier Survey


  • Please complete all five sections of the survey.

  • Section 1 should be answered first. Sections two to five can be answered in any order.

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  • You do not have to complete the entire survey (i.e. all five sections) at once. You can return to the survey home page at any time via the link and password emailed to you.

  • Some questions will ask you to upload documents to support your answers e.g. policies, codes of practice, contract clauses etc.

  • Please refer to the Guideline to assist you in answering the questions.


Business Operations

Obtaining a clear understanding of your business operations and the regions in which you operate.

Governance and Due Diligence

Level of senior executive commitment, systems, policies and procedures you have in place to identify and address modern slavery issues.

risk management

Potential modern slavery risks in your operations and supply chain and how these risks are assessed and managed.

Employment and labour rights

Policies and strategies to address key employment and labour rights issues identified by the ILO and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

Training, Communication and Reporting

Communication of modern slavery policies and commitments internally and externally and how modern slavery training programs are integrated into training and communication processes.

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