Acumen and Unilever launch toolkit to measure impact of investment on women and girls

Women and girls account for more than half the global population yet represent 70 percent of the world’s poor. While investing with a gender lens has gained momentum in recent years, tools that effectively measure how different programs, services, and products impact women and girls have not kept pace. So, Acumen and Unilever have partnered and gained support from the International Center for Research on Women to develop a toolkit that aims to unlock insights into how impact investing, the social sector and global business as a whole can better serve and empower girls and women.

Phase one has introduced the five programs and their purpose, which is to better understand how programs and services are affecting women and girls across the globe. Click here to link to Phase One. Phase Two will include detailed information on each of the five impact projects, a complete analysis of all of the data gathered, lessons learned and recommendations on how the toolbox can be applied by entrepreneurs, investors, corporations and others to better understand the impacts on women and girls.

Sonja Duncan