H&M hold fair wage summit after criticism of supply chain pay policies

As a response to claims that H&M has failed to pay garment workers a living wage, the company held a summit to determine how to ensure all workers are paid adequately. The summit, held in December 2018 in Cambodia was attended by fashion retailers, NGOs, supplier factories, campaigners, trade unions, academics and investment firms. The summit explored key challenges facing fashion brands who seek to meet worker needs and eliminate human rights offences in their global supply chains. Among other things, the summit identified the need for brands to consistently develop concrete definitions of a fair living wage.

Earlier this year the Clean Clothes Collective accused H&M of paying factory workers in certain countries less than the minimum wage. H&M denied these claims and stated that it had audited its supply chain in these locations. The Clean Clothes Collective did not attend the summit due to concerns that H&M would not address relevant issues relating to the rights of workers.

Read more about the summit here.

Sonja Duncan