When will Australian Environmental Laws have their 'ball tampering moment'?

In this insightful blog, CEO of the NSW EDO David Morris, questions what it would take to jolt Australians out of their comfortable inertia when it comes to  national environmental laws. Reflecting on a number of environmental events that he says should have generated public outrage (rather than continued apathy), Morris proposes a change of focus: fairness over protection. "What we need is a reset, a rethink, a restart. We need the Federal Government to enact new environmental laws which have fairness as a keystone," writes Morris.

What cricket’s ball-tampering debacle gave us was a glimpse into the national psyche; it showed just how high a value we place on fairness as a nation. We are a nation that likes to play by the rules. Why should the environment be any different? More 

Sonja DuncanComment