Australian corporates found to be involved in human rights violations

A report published by the Human Rights Law Centre draws attention to ten cases of human rights violations involving Australian multinational corporations. The cases span across multiple industries and took place across the globe.

The offenders include ANZ, BHP, Broadspectrum, Wilson Security and many others. The report also includes direct testimonies from individuals who have been affected by the actions of Australian corporates. The pictures painted by these stories do not show Australian industries in a good light.

Director of legal Advocacy at the Human Rights Law Centre and author of the report, Keren Adams, said that “[HRLC] have spoken with families in places like Papua New Guinea who report being pushed onto the streets and having to wash their kids in public toilets because Australian developers bulldozed their homes and left them destitute." Adams also reinforced that the criminal wrongdoing of these companies should be prosecuted in Australia.

“Australian and New Zealand guards involved have never been prosecuted and the company has never been seriously held to account. That sort of impunity sends a strong message that companies are somehow above the law.”

The report recommends that the Australian Government make many changes in order to ensure violations like this cannot continue to occur. This includes establishing a corporate human rights watchdog, improving access to Australian courts for victims and ending mandatory offshore processing of asylum seekers on Nauru and Manus Island.

For the full report, click here.

Sonja Duncan