Jobseekers are looking for Corporate Sustainability in workplace, study shows

Clean Energy platform Swytch have released findings of a survey of over 1000 employees of large companies based in the United States. The study found that sustainable practice is a highly ranked factor when weighing up job opportunities. The report shows that 30% of workers would consider it a deal breaker if a company has no corporate sustainability initiatives in place. A further 10% would accept a salary decrease if sustainability were listed among the company’s top priorities.

The findings indicate that corporate sustainability policy not only has an impact on recruitment, but also can have a long term effect in retaining staff. The study reports that 30% of persons have “chosen not to stay with a company due to its lack of a sustainability agenda”.

The findings also indicated a generational disparity, with younger generations, Gen Z and Millennials, having stronger feelings about the necessity for ‘green’ policy than Gen X or Baby Boomers. Nearly 40% of millennials have accepted one job over another due to sustainability policy, whereas 17% of Gen X and Baby Boomers do not see green policy as a dealbreaker.

There was less disparity, however across the political spectrum with 95% of Liberals and 89% of conservatives agreeing that companies should be rewarded for the production or use of renewable technologies.

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Sonja Duncan