Malta ratify ILO protocol to end modern slavery

Malta has joined 29 other countries in following the International Labour organisation protocol to end forced labour and modern slavery. Already having made considerable progress in reconfiguring legal frameworks, with the introduction of an Anti-Human Trafficking Committee and the ‘Victim of Crime Act’, Malta has reaffirmed their commitment by signing the legally binding treaty.

The ILP protocol encourages members to combat modern slavery and forced labour though ‘protection, prevention and compensation’. The organisation aims to have 50 countries supporting their #50forfreedom target.

Representative of Malta to the UN office Ambassador Olaph Terribile confirmed that “Malta shall continue to seek and promote the enhancement of labour conditions both at a national level as well as within the appropriate multilateral platforms, confident in the belief that decent work is undeniably linked, to sustainability and prosperity’.

ILO estimates that over 25 million people are currently victims of forced labour. For more information on their efforts to end forced labour and modern slavery, see

Sonja Duncan