Australian film shines spotlight on modern slavery

Rodd Rathjen’s debut feature film ‘Buoyancy’, a “brutal” and “powerful” piece inspired by true accounts of modern slavery in Southeast Asia, has won an award at the Berlin International Film Festival. The film follows a 14 year old Chakra, who attempts to escape the poverty of rural Cambodia, but finds himself trafficked and enslaved aboard a Thai fishing trawler.

The award was given for “portraying actions or human experiences that are...sensitising viewers to spiritual, human or social values.” The film was said to be exquisitely crafted, serving as “an interrogation of modern-day slavery and a uniquely harrowing coming-of-age tale. By exposing brutal reality through its tightly-woven narrative, this artistic call to action sheds necessary light on much-overlooked human rights abuses at the heart of our global economy.”

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Sonja Duncan