1 in 5 people in UK haven't heard of modern slavery

Researchers have found that one fifth of all persons in the UK are unaware of modern slavery. The study commissioned by Co-op Group was published on March 1st to coincide with the second anniversary of Bright Future, a program that “brings charities and businesses together to create jobs for victims of modern slavery”.

The UK is a global leader in modern slavery legislation, policy, education and non-profit involvement, yet a large portion of the country are still unaware of the existence of modern slavery.

According to a press release from the Co-op, the study found that those who are aware of modern slavery called for more to be done, with “47% wanting more information to advise people on how to spot the signs of those who may be captives” and over a third calling on employers to take action. The research also found that of those who knew what modern slavery was, almost 15% “suspected that someone they have come across could have been a victim”.

Paul Gerrard, Director of Campaigns at the Co-op highlighted that “this research underlines how much work still needs to be done if modern slavery is to be eliminated from our society. We think of slavery as something from the history books but it is happening in towns, cities and even rural areas across the UK at this very moment.”

“Victims need to be supported while they rebuild their lives and central to that is the dignity that paid, freely chosen employment provides. Without this, there is a real chance that they could fall back into the hands of those who have exploited them and for the terrible, unspeakable cycle of enslavement to begin again,” he said.

The Bright Future campaign aims to assist modern slavery survivors to find employment and regain control of their lives. The scheme includes over 44 organisations who are banning together to support victims.

For the full press release, click here.

Sonja DuncanComment