NSW: Labor plan to overhaul industrial relations system

The New South Wales Labor Party has pledged to completely overhaul the state’s current industrial relations system if elected when the state goes to the polls today.

 The plan includes the creation of a new government department, restoring the industrial court and amending anti-discrimination laws in the private sector. The party also plan to introduce new laws aiming to tackle ongoing concerns regarding unpaid internships, underpaid gig workers and modern slavery.

 Labor IR spokesman Adam Searle highlighted the changes, stating that "[NSW Labor] are creating a number of different ways where people in the private sector workforce can have access to, and get protections from, the Industrial Relations Commission, whether that is bullying, workplace safety or whistle-blowers.”

 Not all stakeholders are pushing for the changes, with NSW Business Chamber raising concerns that the proposed changes would further complicate current laws, "which is bad for business and sends a signal to potential investors that NSW is a more complex regulatory environment in which to operate".


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Sonja DuncanComment