Ashton Kutcher’s Charity fights human trafficking

Ashton Kutcher has announced a new initiative with his charity Thorn to eliminate child sex abuse material from the internet. The Non-profit was one of eight organisations that partnered with TED for the Audacious project, donating over $280 million dollars to the cause. “The internet has created an opportunity for mass distribution of images and videos of child sexual abuse, and the majority are very young children, often under 12”, the actor said.

Thorn’s website highlights the issue, stating that “they describe it as this moment where you learn something about the world that you can’t un-know…as they started learning more, they realized that it is just as prolific of a problem here in the United States as it is overseas.” The company has been developing technology to detect child sex trafficking online and eliminate it, as well as identify and support victims.

The non-profit has already identified 9,380 child sex trafficking victims through their software and referred them to law enforcement for extraction.

“There was a common theme that emerged from those working in the field—technology was playing a role in extending the crime. However, technology had yet to play a significant part in its solution,” the website states.

In a testimony for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Kutcher stated “the right to pursue happiness [is] bestowed upon all of us by our constitution...Every citizen of this country has the right to pursue it. And I believe that it is incumbent on us as citizens of this nation, as Americans, to bestow that right upon others, upon each other, and upon the rest of the world. But the right to pursue happiness for so many is stripped away—it’s raped, it’s abused, it’s taken by force, fraud, or coercion. It is sold for the momentary happiness of another.”

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