Fashion Giant H&M makes supply chain publicly available

H&M has become the first major retailer to publicly list individual supplier details for each garment in store. The move, which has been praised by workers rights groups, comes as the brand aims to increase transparency and improve their modern slavery policy.

Various groups have applauded the move, but some including ‘Labour Behind the Label’, a non-profit which campaigns for garment workers’ rights, highlighted that although the move is “innovative and good”, additional information may need to be provided in order to make the data meaningful to consumers.

"Maybe H&M need to think a bit more about how to make that information live and useful to consumers - adding information for example about wages paid at suppliers and comparing that to the living wage benchmarks or their promises on living wages”, said Anna Bryher, advocacy director at Labor Behind the Label in an interview with Thomson Reuters.  

H&M have created a label scanner on their app that allows consumers to access data for in store items. With the current format, consumers can see where an individual item of clothing was made, including county, supplier, factory name, address and number of workers, as well as that materials were used.

"By being open and transparent about where our products are made we hope to set the bar for our industry and encourage customers to make more sustainable choices”, said Isak ROth, head of sustainability at H&M.

"We want to show the world that this is possible”.

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