UK: sustainable supply chain taskforce lead by green business

Businesses and green group leaders In the UK have met to begin work as an independent taskforce addressing climate and environmental impacts of key food system supply chains. The taskforce, referred to as the Global Resource Initiative (GRI), was established by the UK government with the aim of improving the resilience and sustainability of food systems, as well as addressing issues like deforestation, environmental degradation and worker rights, among others.  

 The move comes just a week after the Labour Party pledged to measure and reduce the UK’s carbon footprint. Growing consumer demands for sustainable products, fears of climate change and greater societal awareness of impacts are just some of the other factors that led to the creation of the taskforce.

Members of the Global Resource Initiative include representatives from Unilever, M&S, Olam, Tesco, McDonalds, WWF and World Economic Forum. Chair of the GRI Sir Ian Cheshire highlighted that the taskforce presents "an opportunity to transform our approach to sustainable land use and to shape the direction of travel of travel for the UK while creating a model for change that will inspire other countries".

The taskforce is expected to release a report in the next year highlighting their findings and providing recommendations. It is expected that the report will assist the UK government in implementing the systematic changes necessary to meet the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.


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