Poland: Police arrest leader of UK's largest modern slavery ring

The leader of the UK’s largest modern slavery ring has been arrested, Polish police officials announced in a press conference on Thursday. The accused, Ignacy Brzezinski, trafficked homeless polish people to the UK and trapped them in what British state prosecutors are referring to as “the largest modern slavery ring ever in operation”, centred in the city of Birmingham.

The arrest was made on a residential street in the Polish city of Wloclawek, 2 weeks after British officials released a Europe-wide arrest warrant. The warrant came after Brzezinski “fled Britain during his judicial process”, avoiding a court conviction for “crimes ranging from human trafficking to money laundering and conspiracy to require another person to perform forced labour”. Sentencing documentation describes Brzezinski as a “functioning alcoholic” who “enjoyed the fruits of the conspiracy, riding around in a Bentley and a fleet of high-performance cars.”

Courtroom evidence suggests that Brzezinski’s victims were paid £10 a week for physical labor.

Sonja Duncan