What is your tuna costing Thai workers?

Research from Melbourne and Groningen University professors finds that almost $2 billion of seafood in Australian supermarkets is linked to modern slavery, with the worst offender being tinned tuna.

The research discovered that only one of many brands sourced from Australia’s biggest seafood importer, Thailand, can prove no links to modern slavery in its supply chain. It is estimated that 40% of workers in the Thai seafood industry are victims of trafficking and over 14% had been physically abused.

Stories like that of Saw Win, who migrated from Myanmar to Thailand, are all too common. Mr Win claims to have worked for 3 straight months without pay after being trafficked by a broker. Mr Win also alleges that another worker on his vessel was thrown overboard. The Human Rights Watch allege that there are numerous cases of people being overworked to death and that onboard murders are not uncommon.

For a comprehensive list of tuna brands ordered from best to worst, factoring in work conditions, transparency and sustainability, see http://changeyourtuna.org.au/

Sonja Duncan