At SD Strategies we are passionate about helping businesses align corporate strategies and activities with global sustainable development priorities, producing outcomes that benefit society and the economy – and drive business success.

Every business in every industry sector has environmental and human rights risks, impacts and responsibilities. Every business, regardless of its obligations to report against modern slavery legislative requirements, should work towards eliminating the risks of worker exploitation, child labour, forced or bonded labour from its operations and supply chain.

The challenge for business lies not only in identifying risks and responsibilities, but in implementing effective strategies to mitigate impacts and achieve positive business, environmental and human rights outcomes.

It's about embracing sustainability in its broadest definition.

Businesses with a purpose beyond just profit command greater customer, supplier and employee loyalty, along with greater resilience in a changing global environment. Successful businesses see their customers as more than just consumers and their supply chains as more than just providers of commodities and services. 

By integrating sustainability into corporate strategies and operational practices, businesses can meet customers’ needs whilst making a difference in the lives of the people working within their supply chains.

We love working with businesses that 'get it'.


We are passionate about helping organisations contribute to the global sustainable development goals, meet their modern slavery reporting requirements, develop systems and processes to respect human rights across their operations and supply chains and implement effective remediation strategies where serious impacts are identified.

We help organisation do this through our STAR approach:

Strategy and systems - SD Strategies - Human Rights and Environmental Consultancy

Strategy and systems design

Training SD Strategies - Human Rights and Environmental Consultancy

Training and capability development

Audit SD Strategies - Human Rights and Environmental Consultancy

Auditing environmental and social impacts

Risk SD Strategies - Human Rights and Environmental Consultancy

Risk assessment and management



Sonja Duncan

Sonja Duncan - Director

Working with a diverse range of small, medium and large organisations for the past 26 years has provided us with insight, experience and the know-how to align corporate values, systems and strategies with stakeholder expectations and global goals. In a nutshell we know what works - and what doesn't.


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