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We work with small, medium and large organisations, government, the not-for-profit sector and community groups. We understand the sustainability and human rights risks and challenges faced by organisations and work closely with our clients to convert these into opportunities and actions.

We're small, we're passionate and we're totally focused on client outcomes.  



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human rights and modern slavery

SD Strategies began working with businesses on human rights management in 2001, aligning corporate strategies with ILO, IFC and World Bank guidelines. For the past 18 years, our international audits have included social impact audits against global and industry-specific human rights benchmarks and investor expectations. More recently we have been working closely with businesses to review and audit supply chains for human trafficking and modern slavery risks.


Strategy and systems


Through the OEH Sustainability Advantage Program, we worked with Blackmores Procurement and Sustainability staff to undertake a gap analysis of company policies and procedures against the requirements of the Australian Modern Slavery Act.  We worked with staff to develop an action plan to address the gaps, assign responsibilities and align modern slavery and human rights processes with core company policies.



Strategy and systems

Aged Care Providers, NSW

As part of the OEH Sustainability Advantage Program, we worked with NSW aged care providers to identify gaps in systems and processes for effectively managing modern slavery risks. All entities undertook our Bridge the Gap analysis and we facilitated a collaborative action planning process to address key gaps across the aged care cluster. Participants identified opportunities for a sector-wide approach to managing modern slavery risks.



Red Bull Australia Modern Slavery Training

We developed a half-day modern slavery training program for Red Bull Australia’s leadership team. The program provided an overview of Australia’s modern slavery legislation and outlined sector-specific risks and opportunities for identifying, managing and mitigating modern slavery risks from Red Bull’s operations and supply chain. A systems analysis and action planning exercise was also undertaken during the training workshop.



International Hotel Management School Modern Slavery Guest Lecture

The International Hotel Management School in the Blue Mountains, on the outskirts of Sydney, provides internationally recognised hospitality and business degree courses. We were asked to prepare a guest lecture for 60 graduate students to address issues of modern slavery in the hospitality industry. The lecture included activities to engage future hotel managers in discussions on human trafficking and modern slavery.




Lihir Gold, PNG Social Impact Audit

As part of a team of auditors, we undertook social impact audits of Lihir Gold's operations on Lihir Island, PNG. The company was audited against the ICMM's Principles of Sustainable Development, ILO Guidelines and the requirements embedded in the Australian mineral industry framework, Enduring Value. Comprehensive audit reports and recommendations were prepared for our client.




Aged Care Plus Supplier Audit Report

We were engaged by Salvos Legal to prepare a supplier audit report of five key suppliers to the Salvation Army's aged care operations. Suppliers were evaluated against the Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA) methodology and assessed against the ETI Base Code, local law and additional elements including business ethics. A comprehensive audit report was prepared and supplier systems and processes ranked according to the level of risk posed.





We are working with a cross-disciplinary team at Santos to identify operational and supply chain modern slavery risks. Our internal gap analysis process will identify opportunities for better aligning modern slavery risk management processes with existing systems and frameworks. Through our established supplier review and evaluation methodology, we are identifying priority suppliers based on spend and modern slavery risk factors. To ensure Santos meets its modern slavery reporting requirements, we are developing a risk management framework and road-map to effectively assess and address risks.



St Vincent's Health Australia (SVHA) Supplier Risk Assessment

In collaboration with law firm Mills Oakley, we conducted a human rights and modern slavery desk-top risk assessments of SVHA's top 50 suppliers of clinical goods and services. Suppliers were assessed against SVHA’s internal policies, existing tender conditions, SMETA topic areas and the requirements of the Australian Modern Slavery Act. Comprehensive risk assessment reports were prepared for suppliers and a detailed summary report helped SVHA map future actions for managing modern slavery risks.

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Solar Panels SD Strategies - Human Rights and Environmental Consultancy



We work closely with our clients to align corporate strategies with international standards (such as ISO 26000, SA 8000 and ISO 20400) and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Organisations that align themselves with international sustainability standards, commitments and with the SDGs have a clear roadmap regarding future policy direction at international, national and regional levels.

Our strength lies in distilling these global road maps into local actions.


Strategy and systems

Coca Cola Amatil ISO 26000 Gap Analysis

Coca Cola Amatil (CCA) required a review of its CSR Reporting framework and recommendations on how to better align its reporting with international standards. We undertook a gap analysis against ISO 26000 (Social Responsibility) and recommended aligning CCAs achievements across its four key reporting areas - people, wellbeing, environment & community - with the 7 core topics addressed in ISO 26000. 



Strategy and systems

Australian Technology Park Sustainability Vision and Strategy

Australian Technology Park (ATP) wanted to develop a sustainability vision and goals to better engage staff and contractors in sustainability initiatives. The site is a complex mix of modern building, heritage listed structures and areas contaminated by years of use by NSW Railways. Through a series of workshops, we developed a sustainability vision statement, six high level sustainability goals, an action plan and staff engagement strategy.



Printing Industries Association Sustainable Green Print

Sustainable Green Print (SGP) is the Australian printing industry's own sustainability certification program. We worked closely with the Printing Industries Association of Australia to develop and deliver a four-module Level 3 SGP training course. We delivered the modules to print businesses over 10 weeks and provided desk-top and on-site assistance to participants between training sessions to assist with implementation of sustainability actions.



NSW OEH Sustainability Advantage Training Modules

We have been working with the NSW OEH's Sustainability Advantage program for 13 years and continue to develop and deliver sustainability training modules and presentations for this highly respected program. We deliver training on employee and stakeholder engagement, sustainable supply chains, business planning for sustainability and risk and responsibility.




Hunter United Credit Union Sustainability Audit

Hunter United Credit Union wanted to include its staff in sustainability programs. We were engaged to undertake a comprehensive sustainability audit covering waste / recycling, water and energy use. We trained staff members to participate in the audit process and together with staff and management developed action plans based on audit outcomes.




Bright Print Groups Sustainable Green Print Audits

For Bright Print Group we undertook annual audits and gap analyses against the requirements of the Australian printing industry's Sustainable Green Print certification system. These systems audits reviewed the organisation's actions against its commitments across a variety of topics and issues, including policy, procedures, and operational practices impacting energy efficiency, waste and recycling and water management.




NSW Office of Environment & Heritage Risk & Responsibility Module

We worked with the NSW OEH to develop the Risk & Responsibility Module as part of the Sustainability Advantage program. For the past 10 years we have delivered this module to numerous partner organisations and have helped to identify environmental and sustainability risks and develop strategies to mitigate these risks. 

We also provide on-going support to assist businesses manage risks and implement risk mitigation strategies.



Mapping local council strategic plans to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

As part of the Integrated Planning and Reporting (IPR) Framework local councils are required to develop Community Strategic Plans (CSPs) which outline how councils will address social, environmental and economic sustainability. Working with NSW OEH, we reviewed a number of council CSPs and examined the links with the global sustainable development goals and Agenda 2030. This work is continuing and a step-by-step guide is proposed to assist councils to better align local strategies and plans with global goals.



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SD Strategies started working in the environmental field in the early 90's assisting organisations largely with waste, recycling and stormwater management strategies. Since that time we have worked on numerous environmental projects across various environmental issues for businesses and government. We have completed hundreds of environmental audits for different industry sectors in Australia and internationally. Some of our projects are listed below.

We welcome the opportunity to provide advice on your organisation's environmental management challenges.


Strategy and systems

Newcastle City Council Environmental Management Plan

We worked closely with Newcastle City Council to review the council's environmental management programs and develop an integrated 5-year Environmental Management Plan. This involved undertaking a comprehensive review of existing programs, developing a framework for the integrated plan, interviewing staff, facilitating council-wide consultation workshops and assisting with the writing of the plan.


Strategy and systems

Sydney Markets Environmental Management System

We kicked off the project with an initial review of Sydney Markets’ environmental aspects and impacts to determine the environmental risks, legal and contractual obligations. A review of existing improvement plans, objectives and targets was also performed. Following extensive consultation with the client an integrated environment, health and safety system was developed, allowing for centralised documentation and information resource for all staff to access.



NSW OEH Authorised Officer Training

For the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage we developed a 4-day Authorised Officers Course for local and State government officers with regulatory responsibilities under the Protection of the Environment Operations (POEO) Act. We delivered the course across NSW for 6 years before handing the course over to the NSW EPA for its ongoing delivery.



Ferrero Australasia Environmental Awareness Training

We were engaged by Ferrero Australasia to develop a 6-hour environmental awareness training program to inform management and staff of its environmental responsibilities under local and State legislation and other relevant voluntary and internal requirements. The training course was highly engaging, with participants required to identify environmental hazards and risks within their operation and assess these risks using an integrated WHS and environmental matrix.



NSW Land & Housing Environmental Compliance Audit

We were engaged by NSW Land & Housing to undertake an environmental compliance audit of the Glebe Redevelopment Project.  We undertook site assessments, document reviews and staff and contractor interviews. A non-compliance report was prepared, which was followed up with a recommendations report and environmental action plan for the site.




General Motors Company - Environmental Compliance Audit

As part of an international audit team comprising GM's US-based in house lawyers and auditors, we undertook environmental compliance audits of General Motors facilities in Victoria and South Australia. A site-specific non-compliance report was prepared and presented to the senior management team at all sites.




Hunter Water Environmental Hazard & Risk Identification

Working across Hunter Water's depots we identified environmental hazards and risks and developed a series of risk management plans. Depot staff were engaged in the process, taking ownership of the plans and implementing management actions at each site to ensure compliance with the POEO Act and the organisation's internal policies and procedures.




Centennial Coal Environmental Hazard and Risk Assessment

We worked closely with staff and management at Centennial Coal's NSW sites to identify environmental hazards and risk. prioritise risks and develop action plans and mitigation strategies for addressing the risks. A compliance-based approach was taken to ensure sites complied with the requirements of local, State and Federal environmental legislation.